As a luxury real estate marketing professional, do you have a shortage of time to enjoy your life apart from work? This is an indication that you are not focused on the highest and best use of your time and that you need to delegate more.

This important issue of “time shortage” came to our attention when we discovered that two top-producing brokers with whom we were consulting independently came to the conclusion that they needed to slow down in order to handle their workload rather than focus on getting more.

Both clients were very well known and both were listing magnets. The moment they stepped out of their offices they invariably met people who were either ready to sell their home, buy something else or refer business their way.

However, they each felt that they should be more hands-on regarding all the details of their businesses. This included the paperwork, the ads, the brochures, the scheduling of photographers, stagers, etc., despite the fact that they had assistants to do all of this work.

They both realized that their highest and best use was to spend their time listing, showing the properties, and closing the sale. Their big “ah-ha” moment came when they understood that the primary source of their success was schmoozing!

So, we organized their assistants to take care of the majority of details, and we made sure that they hired assistants who loved detail work. We created systems and flow charts for listing management, marketing management, and transaction coordination. We called them “life-support systems”, because working in this manner, as professional schmoozers, freed up their time to enjoy their lives.

What is the Highest and Best Use of Your Time?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel- 

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