If you are looking to developing a personal or company brand as a luxury marketing professional you need to know which comes first, the logo or the brand.   Some designers, advertising agencies, web developers, marketing firms, and public relations firms claim to do branding, when they are actually referring to logo design.

How can you create a graphic representation of a brand when you don’t know what the brand stands for, i.e., its brand position? A logo is not a brand.  It is like putting the cart before the horse.  You may wind up with a cute design or even an image you like.  But, the logo will not do its job as a definitive statement of your brand.

The brand statement is a distillation of an extensive discovery process to determine the extraordinary promise (EVP) of the company, or person. The process is a review of a company’s or an individual’s visions, core values, preferences, goals, and experiences. It also includes a thorough analysis of the market place as well as the competitive landscape.

Determining the nuances of a brand’s personality is another part of the discovery process.  This is one of the criteria used in choosing fonts and colors, which also have to be in harmony with the target market.  All these actions create a precise expression and impression designed to attract your ideal clients.   

When this process is finished and agreed upon this information is then relayed to the graphic designer with specific art direction.  The designer can then expand upon the concept that eventually becomes the logo that communicates what the brand stands for in the mind of the target market.

Which comes first?  The Brand And Then the Logo, The Cart And Then The Horse!!

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel- 

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