Each year we feature one consumer brand that is truly outstanding. This year the company is HP and the product actually a service, our first foray into the brave new world of THE INTERNET OF THINGS (IoT).

HP’s Instant Ink service allows you to automatically re-order ink via the mail for your desktop printer only as needed, on a subscription basis. Our new printer (HP Envy) is connected to HP via the Internet and lets the company know when we are running low on ink.

For$2.99/month we get up to 50 printed pages each month (way more than we ever use in a given quarter-year).  Unused pages roll over into the next month (up to 50 pages). We do not pay the monthly fee if we have credits from the roll over.  $36 per year (maximum) is still far less than we have been paying for ink.  The first 3 months are free. Apparently, this cuts out the middleman (Staples, Office Depot, etc) and they pass along the savings to us, the consumers! 

The best feature is that we never run out of ink when we actually need it because our needs are anticipated and it arrives by mail BEFORE we run out.  Yes, this seems a bit spooky and we are still wrapping our brains around the idea of the Internet of Things.  But, this level of convenience and cost savings is brilliant. 

Bravo HP! 


Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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