If your luxury real estate practice caters to multi-generational consumers you should consider developing a multi-facetted brand personality that appeals to the full range of their psychographics. Otherwise, your brand might not resonate with some segments of your target market, even though they all have the same high net worth demographic.  

One global brand that epitomizes the art and tradition of fine craftsmanship and also proudly claims the phrase, “Made in Italy” is Tod’s, the makers of handmade leather goods.  Although, this heritage brand was launched in the late 1920’s, it has managed to stay current, appealing to a new wave of young affluent consumers.

Tod’s has accomplished this feat of staying relevant by adding youthful brand personality dimensions.  They also became a local and international hero by sponsoring the restoration of Rome’s most iconic landmark, the renowned symbol of Italian history: The Colosseum.

We photographed the relatively conservative window display of Tod’s store in Rome because we were drawn to the backlit letters of the logo that seem to float above it and also because it was a stark contrast to their whimsical display window in Florence, depicted in the video we took (above). It reminded us of the graphic theme of the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine movie.

Tattoo (great logo!) is a special project under Tod’s Double T sub-brand. This limited edition handbag, featuring Saira Hunjan, the tattoo artist of celebrities, joins traditional Italian craftsmanship with contemporary art.  See the provocative video below with actress Suki Waterhouse.

How can you express more facets of your luxury real estate brand to reach the full psychographic range of your target market?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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