The first step in crafting a successful brand is to develop a brand message, a brand story, that swiftly attracts and engages the attention of your target market. This can be accomplished with eye-catching graphics, a clever brand name, or a memorable slogan. 

We immediately noticed the label pictured above of Blindfold, which is white wine blend. The base of the wine is Chardonnay with Roussanne, Viognier, Grenache Blanc, Chenin Bland and Marsanne.  We are not big fans of blended wines.  And, we were dumbfounded by the imagery of the label, which did not appeal to our sense of taste, although the artistic technique is edgy and simply superb. 

We associate wine with celebration and good times. So, we were trying to figure out who on earth is their target market? On their website, Jen Beloz, the winemaker stated, “I’m motivated by the freedom I have to make creative blends. Our scope is unlimited — we source fun varietals and get to work with passionate, devoted growers. Ultimately it’s about making unique wines that we want to drink.”

With further research we discovered the name of the wine company who produces Blindfold is the Prisoner Wine Company. Priced at $32 a bottle, they are definitely aiming for consumers with an adventurous palate, and can afford to experiment.  The other wines they produce are named, The Prisoner, Cuttings, Saldo, and Thorn.

Given the macabre imagery, we would hesitate to say, “Cheers”!   Our biggest question is, “Is this brand edgy or over the edge?”  What do you think?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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