The inner-game of luxury real estate marketing centers on consistently bringing the best version of YOU to the game.  Whenever you are on a listing presentation, negotiating a transaction, showing property or marketing yourself, you ALWAYS have the choice of which version you to bring.

One of the best techniques we have seen for consistently playing at your “A-Game” level is inspired by retired athlete, Steve Nash, of the Phoenix Suns (and most recently of the L.A. Lakers).  Whenever he was up for free throws you could see him visualizing making the baskets and going through the motions, in between the actual shots.  He would do this while the players were coming on or off the bench and the refs were getting ready to give him the ball. 

What is amazing about this technique is just how much time there is to practice your A-Game.  We are debunking here the myth that “there just is not enough time in the day”! You can practice your A-Game in your mind while you are in the shower, while you are on the “throne”, while you are brushing your teeth, on and on!

The results will show up in the quality of the actual time, the action part of your day. By upping the quality of your action hours, you will gain more energy and make more money, which will afford you more free time. We challenge you to test this for your and let us know how it goes!  Just keep reaching for the best version of your self and bring that to your game!

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Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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