Even with advanced communication devices and the Internet to connect us all so rapidly, good communication, like common sense, seems to be not so common. 

One way to gain market share as a luxury real estate marketing professional is to become known as an outstanding communicator, because good communication is itself a luxury.  But, that is only half of the secret of attracting more clients. Here is a recipe to attract an abundance of ideal clients who appreciate good communication.

When we ask luxury real estate professionals to define the qualities their ideal clients must have, invariably good communication is at the top of their list.  Yet, most have fallen into the trap of putting up with poor communicators because of an underlying notion that there is a scarcity of ideal clients.

The first step to attract an abundance of ideal clients is to make a commitment to surround yourself primarily with other good communicators. This applies to your co-workers, your service providers and even your friends.

Go cold turkey and extricate yourself from poor communicators or gradually upgrade your relationships. Take it at your own pace. The bottom line is how fast you want to reclaim your self-esteem because that is the secret to becoming a magnet that attracts more ideal clients.  Good communicators uplift your spirits and continuously add to the quality of your life. 

The second step is to make a pact to stay focused upon, acknowledge and appreciate good communication in all of your relationships. Simply refuse to dwell on episodes where you encounter poor communication. 

Have fun catching yourself when you start complaining about poor communicators. It is so easy to get carried away. By staying focused on this life-giving elixir of good communication you will naturally attract more like-minded people who value it.

Good communication is truly a luxury because it is rare. But, when you amp up your insistence to have it in your important relationships it becomes abundant.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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