More often than not, when you a sell a home, it represents a life-changing event for the buyer and the seller.  It could be a death in the family, or relocation due to a career change, or a divorce, or perhaps a downsizing of empty nesters. Changes bring out heightened emotions. For this reason, as a luxury real estate marketing professional, being empathetic and compassionate when dealing with your clients can set you apart from the pact and make you feel good at the same time.

In a world that is so closely connected it is more important now than ever to practice empathy and compassion. One place that you can start practicing is within a cyber community or an online professional network. In particular, stay clear of snarky comments on blog posts, as they are the precursors of cyber-bullying. And, bullying affects us all! 

Even those who insist on being snarky need empathy and compassion. At the source of all snarky remarks is a soul in pain.  They do not need you to add fuel to their fire.  Their remarks, like traps, seek your agreement and intend to ensnare you.  If they succeed in luring you in you inevitably become co-conspirators in a deadly game that results in a dwindling spiral of low self-esteem.

Monica Lewinsky lived in our LA zip code when the tsunami of public shunning and chastisement pummeled her nearly to death (by suicide). During this time, we actually sat next to her in our favorite breakfast spot where we remember feeling her pain.

Sure she made a mistake. She fell in love with her boss who happened to be the President of the United States. But, the source of the bombardment of criticism was not just from her local community as it would have been decades before.  It flooded in from all corners of the earth and not just from broadcast media, i.e., from TV, newspaper or radio commentators profiting (through advertisement) or comedians looking for laughs to fortify their fame.  It also came thundering in from bloggers and ordinary snarky people, who were complete strangers, commenting on the Internet.

Talk about being branded, personally! Yet, through all this we are happy to say that Monica Lewinsky absolutely triumphed over her adversity.  This post was actually inspired by her 2015 Ted Talk called, “The Price of Shame” (which we highly recommend) where she speaks out against cyber-bullying. 

Monica stated that she would never have survived such an ordeal had it not been for the support of family, friends and some professional help. But, the most poignant moment of her talk was saying that it was the empathy and compassion of complete strangers that finally got her through.

We encourage you to join us in practicing empathy and compassion at every possible opportunity.  Let's use the same media to spread the good word about the "new" Monica and also this very important topic, because cyber-bullying affects us all. It is a luxury for you because it makes you feel good and these are qualities that exemplify the best in the business of marketing luxury real estate. 

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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