The home page on a website should not be all about you or your brand. It should reflect an elegant combination of your brand story and your marketplace.  It should tell your audience who you are and where you are.

On an early rainy morning, we are ogling the windows of the name brand stores in Beverly Hills.  There are several dozen stores on Rodeo Drive.  As people walk by or drive by, they have only seconds to capture your attention and tell you the essence of their brand story.  The home page of your website is like your storefront.  Does it accomplish this?

This Hermes window in our opinion says it all beautifully . It is a seascape with sea horses.  It is a subtle salute to horses (their heritage as saddle makers to the kings) and the sea (Pacific Ocean marketplace) where we are standing.  

The Signature Hermes Orange is well distributed in the display, and their legendary scarves are prominent.  Getting an Hermes scarf as a gift is like getting a work of art, which is why a book was written on the subject.  This is an invitation to come in and share the magic.  

Does your Home Page reflect your brand story? 

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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