Now over 100 years old, Hallmark is a heritage brand that has re-invented itself over and over again. Yet, it has stayed true to its core values that can be summed up in a couple of words: “Wholesomeness” and “Sentimentality”. Consistently adhering to your values over time establishes your brand position.  It lets people know where you stand. This is a vital component of successful personal and company branding in the realm of luxury real estate marketing. 

Hallmark’s greeting card slogan, “For those who care to give the very best” exemplifies their company values. The same applies to The Hallmark Channel on cable, which is now known as the “Heart of TV”.  

If you need an infusion of sentimentality just watch a Hallmark Channel movie or TV series. You might find them mushy, syrupy, or even over sentimental.  But, you cannot accuse this brand of deviating from wholesome entertainment that consistently has happy endings. 

Wholesomeness and sentimentality together comprise Hallmark’s brand position. You will not find R rated entertainment here.  It is specifically targeted for the entire family and fully embraces the baby boomer generation, which has become an underserved market niche.  Most new movies now are targeted to the 18-34 year old crowd. 

Hallmark has one of the most clearly articulated brand positions we have ever encountered.  And, it sets an example of how important it is to make your own brand position, as a luxury real estate marketing professional, crystal clear to you ideal target market.  What do you stand for?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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