There is an entire psychology of color that goes into crafting luxury brands.  This applies to personal and company brands. Certain colors and color combination evoke strong emotions and are also associated with certain things in the minds of your target market.  It is important to become aware of what you are communicating with your brand colors.

When you think of the color combination, Green and Red, what is the first thing that comes to mind?  If you are like most people Christmas immediately is associated with this color duo.  As a result, you rarely will see this combination used when crafting a brand.  But, there is much more to this brand story when you think outside of the holiday gift box.

By using variations of reds and greens tones you can create some spectacular themes.  If additional colors are added to the theme you can evoke excitement and vibrancy, festive emotions.  Setting the right tone and the right mood is an integral part of communicating your brand’s primary message.


The proportions of the two colors can change the brand message all together, making it more or less sophisticated.  For example, Alitalia uses red very sparingly, but still represents the colors of the Italian flag that has equal portions of green read and white.


The more you tune into colors and how they are used in branding the more you can learn about the art of communicating with colors.  What colors are you using in your personal brand?  Do they accurately represent you and your personal brand’s message?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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