If you want to succeed with a social media strategy, here is what has worked for us:

When writing a blog post, be genuine.  It is so obvious, when someone is faking it.  Take notice of media professionals you like, and why you like them.  Think Maria Bartiromo, CNBC financial reporter, Dianne Sawyer, Walter Cronkite, Anderson Cooper, Larry King, they all have large followings of fans.  Why? We are naturally attracted to authenticity, which resonates with who we are.

Do talk about yourself in the First Person, and not in the Third Person.  That smacks of artificiality and the assumption that your reader is too stupid to figure out who wrote the post.  Let your clients (real ones, not your friends and other imaginary persons) write your praises.

Be discerning when you ask someone for business.  Today, we received an email from someone we briefly met 4 years ago, asking us to refer him to our French partners, and “would we put him into touch with the proper people?”

Be modest about your achievements!  There is nothing more boring than someone who talks about themselves and their successes endlessly.  In the movie “Beaches”, you will not doubt remember Bette Middler’s immortal line, “Enough talking about me, let’s talk about YOU, what do YOU think of me?”

Do expand your conversation on line beyond real estate.  Let people know you have more than one-dimension. Look to connect on many levels of interest: gardening, cooking, collecting, etc.  

Do avoid the subjects of politics and religion.  Sell property not politics. Why lose clients because you don’t like their party affiliation?  It is none of your business what people think.

Do read the post you are commenting on, and know the authors’ profile. Your sincerity is on the line here, and people do read comments and form an opinion based on comments.  

Praise your profession.  Every profession has its bad apples. One gains nothing by pointing out someone else’s faults and lacks.

Do Teach instead of Preach.  Assume that your readers want to learn and appreciate your expertise.  Preaching is a turn off, appeal to their eagerness to learn rather than be force-fed.

Remember you are here to interact with others.  Follow the etiquette of social interaction.  Kindness is key.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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