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We often hear the same story from agents who want to dominate a niche in their marketplace, but the incumbent market leader intimidates them.  Here is their story: 

“So and so is dominating this area in listings, they have been in the community for years, and they are well connected.  They are not tech savvy.  And, their integrity and competence is questionable.  They take overpriced listings, and spend lavishly on print advertising.  How can I compete?”

What these incumbents have is Mind Share.   And, Mind Share precedes Market Share.  They understand the importance of visibility in their marketplace, as a means of increasing their Mind Share.  

Each marketplace is unique.  Visibility on the web is important in some communities, but it is not the end all solution to achieving high visibility.  Keep in mind that once a consumer has bought or sold their home, they are not focused on real estate.  They are focused on enjoying their lifestyle, and lifestyle is all about the community.

One of our clients in the Napa Valley has a unique form of visibility, which may or may not work in your marketplace.  She has billboards at each entrance into Napa.  When she promoted a client’s listing (who is a car buff), she bought a billboard at Concours d’Elegance, (a prestigious car show) at Pebble Beach and had gift bags for all the attendees.  She sold his home, and gained several buyers in the process.

Maintaining visibility in your community can lead to Mind Share.  The more people who know you and think highly of you in your community, the bigger your slice of the pie.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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