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The City of Santa Barbara is known as the American Riviera ®.  Given that the Cannes Film Festival takes place on the French Riviera, it is fitting to have a festival here.  The Festival began on January 30th and ends on February 9th, 2014.

With the close proximity to Los Angeles, it is an ideal venue for the 29th annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival, began yesterday evening  with an opening party and the World premiere screening of Mission Blue, a feature documentary.  This film highlights the work of Sylvia Earle an oceanographer, who has spent more than 6,000 hours underwater.

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Preparations for the opening party, yesterday afternoon, at the El Paseo Shopping Center

Among the celebrities expected to appear are those that the SBFilm Festival is honoring, such as Bruce Dern, Oprah Winfrey, Cate Blanchett, Martin Scorcese and Leonardo di Caprio, Robert Redford and David O, Russell.   In addition, seven actors will received the Virtuoso Award the year's standout performances.

The screen cuisine category is interesting to read: Make Hummus Not War, a humorous documentary filmed in the hummus bars and kitchens of Beirut, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and New York, exploring the possibility that perhaps we can have peace in the Middle East via hummus eating.  Hummus is thought to be one of the oldest preparation of garbanzo beans and several countries claim as being the original source.  

Another  is the follow up to A Year in Burgundy, called A Year inChampagne.  This film chronicles four seasons of making champagne.  It portrays winemakers and their families revealing what is behind the scenes in producing the celebratory bubbly.

When you are tired of seeing films and want to explore some of the off the beaten path restaurants who focus on locavore produce and artisans. You can eat at the Lark, or for lighter fare check out Les Marchands, a wine bar with tasty treats to accompany your wine tasting.

Enjoy our town, Cheers Ron & Alexandra

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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