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In luxury real estate branding or any other branch of real estate, when the right brand is found everyone knows it.  It is and AHA moment!  In order to achieve that,  a brand identity and strategy is developed based on knowing the client or company's core values, personality and preferences. 

The brand identity is further amplified by a keen understanding of the marketplace, the demographics and psychographics of the target market.  We also analyze and study the competition to sharply differentiate our clients from anyone else. When everyone agrees on the brand  identity and strategy, the translation into graphic design can begin.  

Our style of branding involves visiting every client in their marketplace.  For a day, we share their work lives by traveling to their target market.  We put everyone through a barrage of questions, to accurately pinpoint their identity, goals and their target market psychographics.  

We work closely with the graphic designer to ensure that the brand identity is perfectly duplicated, right down to the perfect color hue, font choices and photos and graphics.  (As I am writing this post, Ron is looking at a brand we are working on  and just noticed that the shadow is 2 pixels off in height, the details tell all!)

This morning we noticed a change on downtown State Street in Santa Barbara (see yesterday's post).  The incomprehensible banners from yesterday are gone.  This time, I did not need to call the Chamber of Commerce, nor the Santa Barbara Downtown Association.  I knew exactly what they were for.  The Santa Barbara Film Festival begins this evening, and the banners represent that beautifully, mimicking a film strip countdown to the opening scene.

Anyone who strolls on State Street will know what these banners mean.  They are perfectly placed for the most views by people who may decide to pop into one of the theaters, where new films will be previewed.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

ABOUT:  Napa Consultants, International is the leader in brand strategy for the luxury real estate industry.  They work exclusively with professionals who are passionate about gaining or sustaining market leadership. With an expertise in personal branding, company branding, luxury real estate website design and social media marketing they help their clients become the breakaway brand in their marketplace. 


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