Courtesy of Wikipedia /Public Domain Limpet from Cyprus

As the luxury real estate market recovers in your area you will notice that more new agents are diving back into marketing luxury real estate.  That means competition is heating up. Now is the time to prepare in order to out-think your competitors.

The median sales price for homes in San Francisco jumped 16% in 2013, according to the San Francisco Association of Realtors.  This is primary due to a stronger demand among the “Technorati” who want to live in the city and are content to commute to nearby by Silicon Valley.

Whereas, your area may not be rebounding as fast as San Francisco, you must be prepared to protect your turf.  To do so, think more like a limpet!


The limpet is a sea snail with a conical shell.  The limpet attaches itself to hard surfaces in the ocean. They feed on the algae in the waters and what makes them unique and interesting is that they maintain a garden, which surrounds their home base. When another creature dares to graze in their garden, they push them off by ramming them with their shell, so that their garden can continue to thrive.

California Limpet

For luxury real estate marketing professionals, limpet thinking means keep your garden in order and watch out for interlopers.  Here are three ways to prepare for a market upswing:

Refresh your personal or company brand

Create a new full featured luxury real estate website or update your current one

Stay in close communication with your sphere of influence on a regular basis

So, think like a limpet, and protect your garden in 2014!

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-


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