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As technology continues to evolve, luxury real estate marketing  tools will also evolve, beyond the video and digital camera.  Here is an example of a new technology presented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week that may be useful for luxury real estate marketing professionals.  

Fans of Stark Trek will no doubt remember that in the 24th Century, replicators are programmed to create food items, clothing, and other sundry items. Now you can have your own replicator for toys, tools and gadets.  MakerBot unveiled a 3-D Printer for consumers.  It is aptly named MakerBot Replicator Mini.

This model will retail at $1375. The printers build physical objects by layering melted plastic, based on 3-D computer blueprints.  The founder of MakerBot, Bre Pettis, also revealed that their plans include a digital store that will sell 3D blueprints that could replicate toys, etc.  Another firm, XYZPrinting has developed a less expensive 3-D printer called Da Vinci priced at $499. Check out this video that shows how a wrench is duplicated via a 3-D replicator.

Will this have an application for real estate in 2016, when it is predicted that there will be more compelling applications than making toys or tools?  Will we be replicating a model of a home for someone to see instead of jsut shooting photos or videos?  Or will we be sending them the 3-D blueprints for them to replicate themselves at home?  What do you think?

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Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-


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