Capturing the attention of luxury homebuyers is often the first step toward success as a luxury real estate marketing professional.  But, how does one accomplish this in a time-starved world, where competition for attention is fierce?   Many luxury brands use motion graphics to lure customers into their stores and on to their web sites. Perhaps, there are some clues here for you or your company. 

On the top luxury retail streets in the world, rent is expensive and space is often scarce. Not all stores have massive window displays. Therefore, maximizing the impact of small store fronts has become an art. Getting customers to climb to a second story in a luxury retail store can also be a challenge.  In the video below see how Louis Vuitton lures customers to the second floor of their Via Condotti store in Rome and also how an emerging luxury brand grabs customers off the street on Via Babuino with a stunning storefront motion graphic display.  

When designing your luxury real estate website think of your site as it will appear on small screens. Mobile devices (including the latest smart watches) will increasingly play an important role as a marketing channel. How can you use motion graphics to capture attention online? If your company occupies a retail location on a highly trafficked street, how can motion graphics help to capture attention for your “store”? 

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-


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