In marketing luxury real estate and working with luxury real estate marketing professionals, we constantly look for opportunities to illustrate what a brand is.   Several dozens of books are  annually written explaining branding, because,it is one of those obvious things that are not noticed and therefore hidden from our consciousness.

This past Saturday, we were drawn to these beautiful cranberry beans.  It is one of the many variety of beans.  What you are seeing in the photo is their outer shell and the inside bean is white with deep red specks.  They are mild tasting and may be compared to chestnuts.  When they are in this fresh state, they are wonderful cooked slowly in liquid, and seasoned with garlic, lemon and anchovies.   

So, in defining your brand and your brand preferences, stop a moment and look how nature shows her brands...and your reaction to it.  It should give you clues on defining your own brand.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-


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