The privacy debate rages on.  In yesterday’s a Wall Street Journal article, titled, Google’s Data-Trove Dance Internal Debates Over Using Collected Information and Protecting Privacy, journalist Amir Efraty notes,

“The breadth of Google's information gathering about Internet users rivals that of any single entity, government or corporate. The Web search and advertising giant continues to expand its collection and analysis of data, turning its mission to index the world, its people and their interests into a roughly $50 billion-a-year advertising business”. 

Here is how you can you find out, what Google knows about you.  Thanks to Tom Gara, WSJ journalist whose Google data graphic accompanies the above mentioned article, wrote, My Life, and Past, as Seen through Google’s Dashboard, here are the instructions: Go to and search for “Google Dashboard”.  You enter your password, and   view all the data about you.  Google gives you the option to turn the collection off, and delete archived data. 

We recommend that you read the article, as Mr. Gara has both a negative and positive spin on this.  The negative is digital blackmail and identity theft if anyone has your password, and the positive, “Our online histories, in the long run, could become one of our most cherished memories. In 20 years time they will paint a picture of our past more detailed than anything our brains are capable of.”

Enjoy your journey through your archives.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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