Concierge service is a concept that has been so over-used among luxury real estate marketing professionals that it has almost lost its original meaning.  Pronounced, cone-sea-air + a soft ‘g’ (like the g in judge), the term concierge originally meant “the keeper of the candles” who tended to visiting nobles in castles in the medieval era.   

Today a concierge at a hotel is able to advise guests on restaurants, nightlife, sporting and theatrical events, sightseeing shopping, etc. He or she is an important resource for both vacationers and business travelers.  

When we attended the Club eLuxe International Summit in Paris, the concierge at the Meurice Hotel saved the day for me (Ron, here).  I had forgotten my reading glasses at our apartment.  So, I asked the concierge if he had an extra pair.  He did not.  But, he sent someone out to a store to purchase some glasses and brought them right to my table at the event within 20 minutes! They fit perfectly, were appropriately stylish and reasonably priced. 

Les Clefs d’Or, pronounced, "lay clay door," is the international concierge professional association. The English translation of this French term is the keys of gold, which is symbolized in the gold crossed keys, a pin proudly worn by its members. Years of hard work and dedication to quality service are represented in this symbol.  

Les Clefs d'Or concierges are motivated by a genuine desire to serve. This level of service cannot be faked. As a luxury real estate marketing professional, if you claim to offer this level of service you had better be able to back up your claim. Otherwise, those clients who have experienced the “real deal” will see right through you. 

-Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-


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