Novak Djokovic:  Photo by:  Olga Besnard

As a luxury real estate marketing professional, how to you really feel about your closest competitors? If sustaining or gaining market leadership is your quest, you should love them for bringing the best out of you.   That is the mindset of true champions. If you are indifferent or they are bringing the worst out of you, it is time to shift your mindset!

In the men’s semi-final tennis match in Paris at Roland Garros (The French Open) #4 ranked Rafael Nadal defeated #1 ranked Novak Djokovic-9-7 in the 5th set. There were ups and downs for each player. But, the match was won by just a couple of points! When Nadal was interviewed after the match, he stated that he loves to play tennis with Novak because it challenges him to be at his best.

Think about your own competitive landscape in the game of marketing luxury real estate in your area.  Does the market leader out-distance the rest of the pack by a substantial margin?  Or, are the top two or three agents almost neck and neck? 

Market leaders are most complacent when they have a healthy margin.  That is when they are also the most vulnerable to challengers. 

Take the 2013 #1 best ranked basketball team, for example.  The Heat (percentage won = .805) won the Eastern Conference Championship, handsomely defeating #3 (percentage won = .605) Indiana in game 7. But, what was the Heat doing in Game 7 to begin with? The Heat certainly did not expect such a valiant challenge from the Pacers. 

Most significantly, Miami won Game 1 by only one point!  Had the Pacer’s been just slightly sharper they would have upset the Heat in Game 6. The Heat should love the Pacers for the wake-up call!  The Pacers should love Miami for bringing out the best in them and elevating them to become a major contender for 2014.

The “prize money” and prestige that comes from being the champion or the market leading luxury real estate agent can be significant.  But, appreciating the opportunity to work with the degree of focus and concentration that it takes to be at your own peak level is a reward unto itself.  That is the inner game.   

Rafa Nadal went on to win his history making 8th French Open Championship after overcoming career-threatening injuries through physical rehabilitation.  Yes, he made a bundle of money and tennis fans the world over admire him. But, consider his inner victory.

Find a way to love your competition for spurring you on to greatness, if only in your mind. Then, you too will have the mindset and the heart of a true champion.  

-Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-


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