Photo Courtesty of Luxe Corp, Paris France

 When we were invited to cover the Club eLuxe International Summit in Paris, by our media partner, Luxe Corp - the producers of the event, we did not realize that the future of digital media was already here. In fact, some aspects of the future of luxury real estate marketing are here as well!   

This became abundantly clear when we walked into the meeting room at the Meurice Hotel and encountered the jewelry display case of the future. In a glass-enclosed showcase that was not more than 2.5 ft. wide, and about 1.5 ft tall, were two watches on display.  But, something was different about the clear glass surface in front.  It was digitally interactive.  

You could tap on the glass and multiple models of the watches in the case appeared on the surface. Then, by touching the digital version of the watches, with similar gestures that you would use on your iPad, you could move, enlarge and rotate the 3D images to see the finest product details from any angle. 

In the meeting room was another glass “display wall” measuring over 10 ft. long that you could interact with in a similar ways.  You could even turn the pages of magazines that were displayed.  Imagine window shopping before or after store hours and being able to control the display on the glass window surface by touch or even by gestures! 

Watch this video produced by Luxe TV, who also covered the event


Can you now imagine the window displays of the luxury real estate office of the future? Instead of having framed photos of listings or monitors with slideshows or video, the windows themselves will be interactive.  In fact, it is possible to display a keyboard in the window that can capture leads if a consumer would like to schedule a showing or simply receive more information on a property.  

The future of digital media is already here. Watch for Part 3 of this article series as we share insights from our LOL media partner, Julian Peh, Founder and CEO of White Wave Media Group, who publishes the #1 luxury website in Asia, Luxury-Insider.  His presentation at the Club eLuxe International Summit in Paris was another wow!

-Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-