In Part 1 of this articles series we mentioned a technique used in personal and company branding:  associate the brand name with something people already know; then, use a play on words to engage them in your brand so they remember it after the initial contact. 

While in Paris we got hungry for fresh oysters. There are dozens of seafood restaurants in this fabulous culinary mecca that serve oysters.  How on earth can you get yours to stand out and be easily remembered?  This is a dilemma faced by luxury real estate marketing professionals in markets where many agents and companies vie for top of mind status. 

We found a terrific restaurant on the Left Bank with a catchy name in French:  Huitrerie Regis.  The word huitre in French means oyster. Creating a new word by adding the letters “rie” was a play on words because it created a new category of food purveyors.  Boulangerie means bakery, charcuterie means purveyor of cold cuts (ready to eat meats). A patisserie is a pastry shop.  

But, their branding genius was evidenced by the fact that they not only named a new category they defined a new restaurant business model.  This is a tiny restaurant with only seven tables that turn quickly because of a very limited menu. There is no kitchen and just a single restroom.  They serve a very limited selection of wine, oysters and shrimp, with bread, desert and coffee. They have one server and two food preparers. The entire restaurant was less than 400 square feet.  Everything was fresh and delicious. 

Naming a new luxury real estate category then owning that name as part of your brand, can make you stand out from your competition.  

-Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-


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