Co-marketing is a great way to create a buzz about your luxury real estate marketing practice and expand your sphere of influence.   The key is to find the right non-competitive partners who share the same target market as you.  

In our previous post, we had mentioned that Tiffany was co-marketing with Gastby by designing the jewelry worn in the movie, which is available for purchase on their website.  The inside of the store pictured above, has a wonderful art deco period couch with deco rug, wallpaper and a TV screen featuring clips from the film.

Another window features long strands of pearls, very fashionable jewelry of the era with glasses of champagne, yes, another co-marketer the champagne in the movie is Imperial Moet & Chandon, which can be seen in the picture below in the Brooks Brothers window.

While strolling through Beverly Hills in the wee hours of the morning prior to our appointment, we noticed another co-marketer of Gastby's, Brooks Brothers.  Brooks Brothers designed the menswear for the movie.  Their store windows showed of the clothing of the Gatsby era, which can be purchased in store or on the website.

Many luxury real estate marketing professionals should think outside the box of the usual suspects with whom to co-market.  We hope you are inspired by The Great Gastby movie co-marketers which are many, and include The New York Plaza Hotel with their Gatsby themed suite, iTunes with the sound track of the movie on their home page,& American Idol who featured their finalists singing a track from the movie as well as Will- I- Am who performed a number from the movie.


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