One of the keys to being successful as a luxury real estate marketing professional is having a wide range of interests, which enables you to connect on many levels with your clients and referrals sources.  Being more interested than interesting will serve you well in your career.  Setting aside time in your busy schedule to develop new interests, and meet new people, is just as important to your own health and well being as it is to your career.  And, you will have a whale of a good time in life if you do!

Recently, we were invited to join a select group of people for a private, behind the scenes tour of the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.  The absolutely fascinating tour was conducted by two of the curators of the museum, both of whom are biologists.  Dr. Krista Fahy is in charge of vertebrates and Patricia Sadeghian specializes in invertebrates, particularly crustaceans. 

What made this an extraordinary experience was the level of passion that these professionals feel for their work and their commitment to excellence. We had no idea of the extent of research in which the museum is involved. Nor, did we realize the level of cooperation within the international community of Natural History Museums and universities throughout the world.

The skeleton of the 76-foot long, 10-12 year old blue whale (depicted here) weighs about 7000 pounds.  Live, this whale weighed 140,000 pounds. Adults can live into their nineties and grow to 96 feet.  Their calves consume 110 gallons of milk every day, and gain 200 lbs a day.

Blue whales, the largest known mammals, are found right off of our Santa Barbara coastline during their migration. At that time,(July-October) you can participate in a whale watching expedition by boat.

Get interested! Take the time to explore some of the wonders that are accessible in your own community. And, have a whale of a good time!


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