One of the biggest challenges that face luxury real estate marketing professionals is articulating their own unique value proposition.  Yet, this is by far one of the most important aspects of personal or company branding.  Your extraordinary promise of value is what your ideal clients can expect when doing business from you vs. your closest competition. It is what makes you stand out.

An empty or exaggerated promise can lead you into a trap where you disappoint your clients by under-delivering. Hype can be your worst enemy. Let the empty Beverly Hills store depicted in this post remind you about the fate of businesses that communicate empty promises. 

Your reputation is your most important asset. Reputations are based on kept promises.  It is always better deliver exactly what you promise, and then exceed their expectations.

If you take the time to identify a niche within your marketplace that is underserved it will not take much to deliver a superior value proposition. Keep in mind that your target market has settled for mediocre service. If you promise too much you will not be taken seriously.

To differentiate yourself or your company from your competition you need to offer an extraordinary promise of value.  To do this you must be passionate about what you do and you find something specific that you can do better than anyone or any company in your marketplace.  We call this your strategic differentiator.

The idea is to become known for your strategic differentiator. Your marketing messaging must focus on the communication of what makes you distinct, which is essentially your extraordinary promise of value.


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