If you are seeking top-of-mind status as the dominant luxury real estate marketing professional in your area, always keep your eyes open for fresh opportunities to promote yourself.  But, if you really want to leverage your marketing budget, look for ways to co-market with compatible, non-competitive businesses or non-profits.  Think co-marketing in 2014. 

We recently made a stop at Cost Plus World Market to pick up some of our favorite 85% dark chocolate. It is made only with the finest quality fair trade cocoa from Kuapa Kokoo a cooperative of smallholder farmers in Ghana and it tastes divine (Divine is the actual brand name). When we checked out we received this canvas bag (depicted above) instead of a paper or plastic bag. 

Most of the local food markets here in Santa Barbara encourage their customers to bring their own shopping bags as one of their ways of helping the environment. We enjoy supporting their pro-environmental efforts so we were delighted to receive this bag.  

As you can see this is a brilliant example of co-marketing between Cost Plus, BBC and our local Public Broadcasting channel. Downton Abbey just moved up to the top of our list of must-watch TV series and we are happy to give Cost Plus the spotlight here for supporting public broadcasting, a non-profit that so much enriches our lives.  Notice the quote on the back of the bag; it perfectly targets the Americans consumer.

"I'm an American. I don't share your English hatred of COMFORT"

Think-co-marketing in 2014.  This expansive mindset alone can contribute mightily to your bottom line!

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-


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