All professions have tabloid style of stories to tell, and dish about.   However, the stories that make the headlines in the tabloids or the legitimate press are not the only the stories that should be told.  We think the untold story that inquiring minds should hear about are the tales of the heroic gestures that agents often make on behalf of their clients, which go undisclosed.  Here is one of our favorites.

A luxury real estate marketing professional sold a magnificent estate.  The negotiated deal included the majority of the furnishings as well as a piece of art, a serigraph. The seller fell in love with it.  (A serigraph is a silk print of a painting, and has a limited run.  Each print is signed by the artist, and assigned a number such as 2/25, signifying that this is the second print of 25).

As the deal was a week away from closing, the seller requested a meeting with his listing agent.  He decided that he was going to keep the piece of art, and this was non-negotiable. The buyer was out of town, and unreachable.  The agent knew that this change would probably break the deal.  It was time to find the solution to the problem.

Being a lover of art, this individual had connections in the art world.  As luck would have it, there was one available.  This person bought it.  The only difference was the number of the serigraph was different. This professional asked a well respected  framer to duplicate the frame.  Luck reigned: the framer had framed the original one, had all the materials on hand, and so he was able to duplicate it exactly!

It took three days to have the painting back in place. Everyone was happy.  The only one who knew was the seller, who left town after signing all the papers.  The agent was invited for  celebratory glass of champagne in the room where the print hung.  The buyer told this person that one of the reasons, he bought the house was because of the print. 

In our opinion, inquiring minds should dish about heroes and not zeroes in our profession.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-


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