PART 2:  Gourmet Food for Thought vs.. Junk Food for Robots

 In Part 1 of this article series we discussed that Google’s new algorithm, Hummingbird, will be a game changer for many luxury real estate marketing professionals who have been building their online reputation through blogging. Content is still king. But, it is not necessarily the often-searched keywords that Google is trying to match with your keyword-laden content to bring traffic to your website.  

The user’s intent is now what Google is trying to decipher, which may not be expressed explicitly in keywords when they type in their search queries. Thus, QUALITY CONTENT, what we call “gourmet food for thought”, that truly satisfies the user’s query will reign supreme and dethrone content that was merely “junk food for Goggle robots”.  

To give you an idea of the significance of this change, look at what happened to Demand Media’s eHow, with its “content farm” business model. At you can type in a ‘how-to” question and find multiple articles on just about any topic. To build its content library eHow was hiring freelance authors to churn out as many as 200,000 articles per month in order to capitalize on Google’s previous keyword-dominant algorithm. Today, Demand Media, which was valued at over $2 billion when they went public in 2011, has a market capitalization of below $500 million as their stock dropped 79% from its early peak. 

For luxury real estate marketing professionals the take-away lesson from eHow’ dependency on Google is this:  Take the time to examine your content “recipes”.  

If you want to be a market leader you must become a gourmet when it comes to content. Creating satisfying, quality editorial content, (including excellent photos and videos that help tell your story), this is what it takes to be newsworthy, buzz-worthy and follow-worthy. Original, quality content will serve you far better than producing junk food for robots.  But, the key is to have a unique “P.O.V” (Point of View).

If you have ever watched The Next Food Star on HGTV, which is the contest to find talent for fresh new TV content, you have seen the mentors on the show insist that the contestants have a unique point of view, an angle, or a handle.  For example, Rachel Ray’s POV is “the girl next door”. The 2013 winner, Damaris, offers Southern Style cooking lessons for men so they can attract or impress the girl of their dreams. 

We understand that it can be challenging to figure out what your unique selling proposition is, or what your extraordinary promise of value is. We help each of our clients overcome this conundrum in our personal and company branding practice.  Sharply articulating your POV is exactly what is required if you are going to offer unique editorial content and stand out from the crowd. You need to become a gourmet if you want to be an online thought leader and a luxury real estate market leader in your area. 

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-


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