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Be explicit about who you are and what you stand for, as a luxury real estate marketing professional.  Being vague about your personal or company brand can cost you considerably. 

An important aspect of personal and company branding is clearly and consistently articulating how you want to be perceived by others.  If you do not explicitly define who you are and what your brand stands for, people will brand you or classify you in their own pigeonholes.  

In our commercial real estate practice in West Los Angeles, we were best known for our expertise in leasing high-end retail space and working with the entertainment industry.  We had a high profile in this niche because our signs were on buildings from West Hollywood to Beverly Hills to Santa Monica by the ocean.  

We also sold many commercial properties (most of which were not actually listed) to a select group of developers and investors. We typically kept a low profile about our sales because we just did not like to boast.  

But, when the property manager of one of our leasing listings needed to sell another building that he managed he looked for a buyer on his own instead of giving us the listing. He would have gladly given us the listing, but, he just did not know that we sold buildings too! Ironically, that property fell out of escrow with his buyer and we had it sold within 24 hours to one of our clients. 

Here was business right under our noses. Although, we were well branded as leasing experts in the mind of this property manager, he was clueless of our sales expertise.  That was a $75,000 opportunity that almost passed us by. This is the value of  branding that we will never forget. Nor, should you.


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