As luxury real estate marketing professionals, many feel that being available on a 24/7 basis will insure success.  It seems like everyone is connected via every possible device, software and social media platform. You may feel that it is admirable or even heroic.  However, there is a time for being inaccessible and completely disconnected.

Traveling earlier this week on business brought about an unexpected event.  At one of the locations we did not have cell or internet access.  We had to use a “land line” (an endangered species) to call those who were expecting to hear from us. Everyone understood.  We took advantage of the lack of digital connection to connect with our surroundings and each other.  That day gave us time to refresh and enjoy what was remarkable about our client’s marketplace. 

As we approach the Labor Day Weekend, it is important to re-evaluate the notion of being accessible 24/7 and seek moderation.  You may discover the strength that comes from setting limits.  When you are rested you magnify your power to attract and perceive more opportunities. Plus, your quality of life naturally improves.  Wishing you all a happy Labor Day!

Cheers, Ron & Alexandra


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