The word “bespoke” is what every luxury real estate marketing professional needs to know. The term "bespoke" comes from England where it originally referred to custom or tailor-made clothing. “In recent years, however, the term has been applied to information technology and also refers to custom services or products.”  (from techterms.com)

In our former lives as commercial real estate broker owners in Beverly Hills and environs, we practiced bespoke service.  Each buyer, seller, investor, lessor and lessee were treated and taken care of in a unique way based on their preferences.  At the very beginning of our relationship we sat down with each person found out what they needed and wanted from our services as well as their expectations.  We also clarified how they liked to be communicated with.  Some of our clients preferred weekly meetings and phone calls as well as a written report.  Buyers had other criteria, and our developer clients wanted an immediate call and offer written for their fax signature, when some gem came on the market. 

Today as branding and marketing strategists, we practice bespoke service.  We fly out to each client’s marketplace.  We spend time getting to know their marketplace and see the business of their luxury real estate through their eyes.  We establish our relationship and specify their preferred ways of communication and adhere to that.

By thoroughly studying our client’s competition, we help our clients identify and pioneer hidden, untapped market opportunities where they can passionately provide extraordinary value. By establishing and dominating an uncontested market niche their profit margins increase and their competition becomes inconsequential.  We also help our clients define their goals and their preferences.

With that knowledge in hand, we work on developing an over arching strategy.  From that strategy we develop a brand, brand graphics and subsequently a web site geared to fulfilling the strategy.  We also assist our clients in creating a work-style and lifestyle that’s in-sync, so that they can experience a profound sense of control over their personal and professional life.

Bespoke is our style of communication and is reflected in the brands and strategies we come up with.  We know that “one size does not fit all”, every market is unique, and every individual or company is unique and they deserve to be treated that way.  Do you speak bespoke?


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