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Unlike some professions marketing luxury real estate is a game you can play at the level of market leadership at any age in your professional career. However, It takes the mindset of a champion and the championship mindset is ageless. 

Both Serena Williams and Roger Federer have proven that point at this year’s Wimbledon Tennis Tournament. Serena became the first woman over 30 to win a Grand Slam title since Martina Navratilova over 20 years ago.  And, she did so against odds that she would not return to the sport due to health problems.  Federer looked like he peaked back at the Australian Open in 2010.  Now, he is number one in the world, again. 

What motivates a champion?  What did these two tennis champs have to prove to the world?  Sure it feels good to the admiration of peers and fans alike.  But, a true champion has a core inner conviction to be the best he or she can be. 

Market leadership is a game that requires strategy to gain or sustain the championship level. First, it requires identifying the winning formula to out think your competition. Then, it requires the consistency of repeating the winning formula over and over again. 

But, without the mindset of a champion there is no strategy that can get you there.  What is that mindset? It is a mental state devoid of self-doubt. It is a singular focus on a desired outcome that necessitates quickly releasing contradictory thoughts, accessing memories of previous triumphs and maintaining the perspective of what is at stake. 

In our professional practice, as brand strategists to luxury real estate marketing professionals, we work exclusively with market leaders or their challengers. Our clients are those who already have the mindset of a champion or are reaching for it regardless of their age. Like Federer and Williams, they are true inspirations.


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