In marketing luxury real estate you only have a Nano-second to capture the attention of your ideal clients and communicate your unique promise of value. If your message promises to solve a problem or add significant value you have the best chance of gaining a new client.

When your branding is spot on it is your shortcut in this communication process. Your personal or company brand must send a clear, succinct message to your target through words, symbols and sounds, a message that must encapsulate the distinct benefits that will be derived from doing business with you vs. your competition. Identifying, then distilling your unique promise of value into a concise message is an art.  Here is an example of one company has mastered this art. 

Coffee is one of the most ubiquitous commodities in the world. As such it poses one of the biggest branding challenges on earth.  We give Seattle’s Best very high praise for breaking through the clutter and standing out in this highly competitive food category.  

They came up with a suite of 5 different coffees that suit the needs of the majority of coffee drinkers.  Their unique promise of value: making it easy to choose the perfect cup of coffee for you.  They call it the Level System. From light and bright Level 1 to dark and bold level 5 they claim that they have an expertly blended level for everyone. 

Can you see the brilliance behind this brand strategy? The next time you need to buy coffee you do not even need to remember the brand name. Just remember a number between 1 and 5. First they take the guesswork out of selecting the right blend.  Then, they make it impossible to forget your preference or the preference of whomever you are buying for.  “I’m a  #2 and my roommate is a #5”.   

For those, who are time-starved they just made life a little bit easier. They solved a common problem How can you distill your luxury real estate marketing message to accomplish the same goal?


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