As a luxury real estate marketing professional it is easy to get bogged down with the day-to-day activities of“transaction engineering” and neglect the life-blood of your business: promotion and marketing.  Sometimes you need to step back from your practice to regain your “orbital marketing prospective”.  It is only when you view your practice from a broader perspective that out-of-the-box thinking is possible. 

Opportunities to out-think and out-market your competition abound.  This weekend we noticed that not a single real estate firm or agent sponsored one of the most well-attended community events of the year in our town of Santa Barbara, California.  What an great opportunity for standing out this was!

"I Madonnari, or street painters transformed the Santa Barbara Mission Plaza using pastels on pavement to create 150 vibrant and colorful, large scale images.  The festival benefits the Children's Creative Project, a nonprofit arts education program of the Santa Barbara County Education offices.  "The project serves 50,000 children in more than 100 schools with visual and performing arts workshops and performances throughout", according to their website.  This event is in partnership with Santa Barbara's sister city in Italy, Grazie di Curtatone.

The opportunity to promote your name or your company as a sponsor was affordable. It ranged from the smallest ($125 for 4' x 6' format vertical format) to the largest (12’ x 12’ for $650). In addition, your name is on the festival poster,  it is inscribed on the pavement at the base of the Mission steps, it appears in full-page newspaper advertisements and  also appears on the festival kiosk.  The local news covers the event on TV which amplifies the effectiveness of your sponsorship.

You could either provide the painter, or the Children's Creative Project would provide the painter. Given what most luxury real estate marketing professionals spend to promote themselves, this was a no brainer. 

As hard as it may seen at times, you simply must take the time to regain your orbital marketing perspective. Step back and identify opportunities to out-smart your competition.  That is the surest route to soaring in your luxury real estate marketing practice.

Like the kids represented in this year's pavement pastel chalk painting, being backyard orbital explorers and looking out of their box/spaceship it is time to explore your own backyards for out-of-the box opportunities to promote yourself.  That means to make yourself well known and well thought of! 


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