As a luxury real estate marketing professional you can have a superior value proposition, but will you be able to capture the attention of your ideal client?  As the world becomes more democratized with technology, the competition for attention has become one of the biggest marketing challenges.  First, you have to capture the attention of your ideal clients, (so they can hear you loud and clear above the din of your competition), and then you have to hold on to it.

Here is a clear example from the world of wine.  According to 2009 figures, over 20 billion bottles of wine were produced globally.  Competition for attention is fierce.   We recently discovered two Spanish wines produced by La Granja (the farm) 360 from Spain.  Modestly priced at $3.99 and $4.99 a bottle, it is thriving in sales side by side with similarly priced California wines (California makes 90% of wines in the US).  What makes is different is its message on the bottle.

Both wines have eye catching labels.  The first bottle pictured above is a 50/50 blend of Tempranillo and Garnacha grapes.  Wine connoisseurs describe it as, “An everyday drinking soft rounded juicy red wine, with rich ripe raspberry flavors, and great match for barbecue, roasted pork chops, spare ribs, sausages, grilled vegetables and cheeses.”  The ordinary zebra has made itself extraordinary by painting his back end in red!

The second is a Syrah with a 100% juice Syrah grapes, planted for the first time in this region.  Unlike its North American cousins, this wine is not jammy.  Here is the review, “It's ripe with blackberry-fresh-off-the-bramble flavor with hints of dried herbs and well-balanced tannins. And as the label of the rooster with the golden egg portends, this wine is provocatively irreverent... it keeps you pouring.”  The rooster is crowing about producing a golden egg!

Like wine there may be several comparable luxury real estate marketing professional in your market place.  This is where graphics and design come into play.  Graphics are a shortcut to get the message across of how you are different, and to be great it has to convey your message at a glance.


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