One of the key components of strategic branding and marketing, when marketing luxury real estate is thoroughly knowing the mindset of your target market and speaking to them in their language.  That is what is known in marketing terms as messaging.  When you can communicate your extraordinary promise of value succinctly, i.e., with an economy of words and graphics, and you can do so on an emotional level, with passion, your chances of success increase exponentially. 

While we were interviewing the top brokers in Steamboat Springs for our series, 50 Top Luxury Real Estate Markets in the USA,  one of the brokers told us about a local mountain sports and lifestyle clothing company called Smartwool.  This company has their passionate messaging, the articulation of their unique promise of value, spot on!  Here tis how they do it: 


What you get from us isn't just a product; it's the ability to do more of what you love, for as long as you want. That's our promise. 

This value proposition zeros right in to the emotion core of mountain athletes who are passionate about their sports, those who aim for endurance or just want to be able to stay outside, longer.  Messaging at its best is “speed matchmaking”  And, that is what happens here. 

The faster you can create an emotional bond with your target market the faster you can build trust.  And, trust is the prerequisite for buying products or hiring a service professional. 

Then, Smartwool goes on about “The Power of Comfort”. They say,

“When you're comfortable, your body performs better, allowing you to forget about what you're wearing and enjoy the moment”.  

High performance is the archetypical quest of athletes, especially competitive ones. It also appeals to their spiritual side in that it addresses one of the greatest benefits of outdoor sports (and simply communing with nature, for that matter): quieting the mind and being in the present. 

Smartwool as a company is obviously passionate about mountain sports and the outdoor lifestyle.  Their messaging makes their passion palpable. Their ability to communicate their passion clearly, and with an economy of words that resonate within the heart and soul of their target market, is remarkable. 

Do you know what you are passionate about?  Do you know what your target market is passionate about? How can you communicate your extraordinary promise of value to your target market, as a luxury real estate marketing professional, succinctly so that they quickly bond with you and trust you?  The sharper your messaging is, the more you deliver it with passion,  the faster the matchmaking process can happen and that is what great marketing is all about.


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