When marketing luxury real estate, understanding the priority values of your high net worth clients is one of the keys to your success. Fine craftsmanship, innovation, elegance of design, uncompromising quality of materials, and superlative customer service are standards of excellence that must be understood by purveyors of luxury goods and service professionals who cater to this demographic.  

No one understood these benchmarks of luxury better than Steve Jobs, who infused these values into every aspect of Apple, the organization and its products. But, the one luxury priority value that Jobs knew that still baffles Apple’s competitors is the luxury of time saved. He understood that tech support and the learning curve are the two biggest thieves of time in the digital age and he set out to counter this by saving customers time. 

How does Apple save you time and aggravation?  Apple controls the customer experience of using computers and digital devices from end to end. Moreover, every product they produce is fully integrated with the others. An integrated product line saves you time in tech support because there is only one tech support number to call. It also saves your time on the learning curve because the various devices become more intuitive to learn having already understood the basics.  According to Jobs, 

 “People pay us to integrate things for them, because they don’t have time to think about this stuff 24/7.  If you have an extreme passion for producing great products, it pushes you to be integrated, to connect your hardware and your software and content management.  You want to break new ground, so you have to do it yourself.” 

Think about what your time is worth in dollars.Then, the value of saving time  and aggravation will become crystal clear.  Here are some questions to ponder:

  1. How much time did you spend in tech support last year? How much did that cost you in time if one of your hours is worth $100-500.
  2. How many different tech support providers did you need to go to for help because your computers and devices use separate operating systems or were manufactured by separate companies?
  3. How much time did you spend on the learning curve to use your various computers and digital devises? 

 If you are lucky enough to live near one of Apple’s physical stores you can have unlimited one-on-one sessions with an Apple expert for $100 per year!  If you have a specific project that you are working on and have questions you can also join a group session and get the personal help you need as needed.  

Tech support via the phone is with support representatives who reside within your country and speak your language the way you do. This costs Apple 50% more than outsourcing tech support. But, the user experience is superlative. 

As a luxury real estate marketing professional, how can you save time for your clients and for yourself?  Perform a Time-saving Audit.  See our next post to learn how. 


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