As a luxury real estate marketing professional, you know that your presence on different social media platforms can be a relevant venue to market you and your properties.  However, given that your time is at a premium, it is also important to understand the demographics of the individuals frequenting those sites to make sure your time is well spent.

A recent infographic study on social media by Online MBA uses the following criteria for demographics: education level, income, age, gender.  In addition, they include the number of registered users, geographical locations, time spent on sites, as well as user occupation.

Recently there have been several articles published about Pinterest as the new “hot” place to be in social media.  Here are some of the facts on Pinterest included in the study which may surprise you: 82% of the users are women.  The majority of these women are interested in crafts, gift ideas, hobbies, interior design and fashion.   The top geographical location is East South Central (Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, and Tennessee).  Is this your target demographic?

Another new social media with 90 million unique visitors is Google+.  Unlike Pinterest, Google+ is favored by men (71%), early adopters, engineers and developers.  Fifty percent of Google+ users are 24 or younger. Is this your target demographic?

If income is one of your criteria, it is interesting to note that out of Facebook’s 845 million users, 8% are in the $100,000 plus income category, whereas Twitter (127 million) has 15% in the same income category. Is this a high enough concentration of your target market to warrant the amount of time you spend on these sites to drum up business?

Is your time well spent? This is a good criteria to evaluate your participation on a given social media platform.  If you have not seen a significant ROI you may consider spending more of your business marketing time socializing or networking in person.

To read more about this study, here in the link to OnlineMBA. 


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