One of the most important aspect of gift giving, as a luxury real estate marketing professional, is knowing what is meaningful to your clients. It is easy to listen for the clues about the things they like, the hobbies they are involved in or the ideas about which they are passionate.  These listening moments will surely lead to finding the perfect gift that keeps giving.

As we were perusing the various gift catalogues that fill our mailbox this time of the year, we were intrigued by Williams Sonoma’s offerings under “Made By Hand:  Agrarian celebrates a lifestyle of healthy living, and all things homegrown and handmade.”

This offering is no doubt in response to the healthy living trend.  Our favorite is the chicken coop  (or in this case a luxury two story chicken manse with a glassed in veranda).  It reminded us of our Napa friends who have a chicken coop with beautiful Ameraucana chickens whose eggs shells are a bluish green.  Occasionally our friends would call us on a Sunday morning and asks us to join them for omelettes made with their chicken’s eggs.  Fresh picked eggs are one of the most delicious and luxurious treats

The other gift we loved is a beehive.  We recently had dinner with new friends who have a beehive in their yard.  The honey is unlike any honey they have ever tasted (and they are real foodies). By keeping a beehive, they are helping to increase the waning bee population.  Their neighbor reported to them that since their bees arrived, his avocado trees are improving.  To view these healthy lifestyle delights which include a cold frame for your edible garden, gardening tools, cheese making kits as well as various honeys, go to the agrarian section of their website.

If you give someone what he or she really is interested in (fresh eggs, etc.) you can consider yourself a great gift giver.  Listening to your clients all year-round, not just at Holiday time, and making a note under their name in your contact records is the key.  It is so much fun to see someone smile as they say, “Thanks, this is one the best gifts I have ever received.” That in and of itself is a delightful reward. But, the buzz you generate as a great gift giver can also lead to excellent referrals because you will most likely be on their mind whenever they cook with eggs.


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