Differentiating yourself from others in your area who specialize in marketing luxury real estate comes down to adding value in your service that your competition does not. Here is an example of added value that differentiates the Ritz Carlton Dallas from all the other luxury hotels in that city. 

If you are a dedicated runner and want to run in Dallas, the Ritz provides their guests with a hotel running buddy, and will also add a customized fitness and sports massage. According to Noeha Coutry, director of sales and marketing, ““By providing a running buddy, we can provide them [guests] with someone to motivate them during their runs while also providing localized trail and travel information that makes their exercise in a strange town more interesting and more comfortable.” 

These running buddies are selected for their background in competitive running, and can adapt to the fitness level of the guest. The Run and Recover program starts at $205 for a one hour run and 50 minute massage and must be booked 48hours in advance. Now, if they only had a program for Yoga, we would sign up.

How can you add value to your service as a luxury real estate marketing professional?



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