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Many agents believe that developing a luxury real estate personal brand is like choosing a new outfit of clothing or redecorating their home.  While getting a new polished look can do wonders for you compared to your frumpy competition this is not what personal branding is all about.

The primary aim of crafting your personal brand is to achieve or sustain top-of-mind status in the minds of your target market.  For most luxury real estate marketing professionals it comes down to being the first agent that comes to mind when a home owner is ready to sell or when a trusted friend is asked to recommend an agent to list their home.   Branding is all about strategizing to secure the ownership of mind share, because market share follows mindshare.

The first thing that we do when we work with a luxury real estate personal branding client is what we call a strategic brand analysis.  This is a discover process where we gather a tremendous amount of information about our client, their marketplace and their competition. 

The final distillation of this information must represent the essence of the person’s true identity, their authentic self expressed in way that immediately resonates with their ideal clients. Therefore, a brand must be judged solely on the effectiveness its communication with one’s target market and the speed of trust that it establishes. 

You may not like a particular style of someone’s personal brand because you have more conservative taste. You might prefer a contemporary look rather than traditional.   But, then you would be judging the brand based on your own preferences.  Instead judge other's  personal brand based on authenticity and on the brand's  success at matching the agent with the clientele it is aiming to attract.

Click here to check out the personal brands of the agents or brokers displayed above.  Each of these them are either incumbent market leaders or are well on their way to achieve top-of-mind status within their marketplace.


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