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Luxury real estate marketing professionals, it is time to embrace the brave new interactive world on your website.  If do not, your competition will.  If you get there first you can trigger buzz, and spark word-of-mouth advertising that will help you achieve top of mind status in your marketplace.

Web 2.0 has brought about an interactive world, where customers can engage and participate with a website like never before. The blog enabled the “conversation”.  Now, there is even more opportunity for interactivity.  As technology has progressed many companies have refreshed their brands by adding interactive features that capture the imagination, showcasing the creativity of many bright minds.

One brand that embodies cutting edge interactive technologies is Ralph Lauren who has redesigned his website to include new “experiences” on many levels.  The latest is a beautifully illustrated video, narrated by Uma Thurman that tells a charming story that is perfect for children and adults alike.  Furthermore, there is a link to Ralph Lauren’s Facebook page where you can enter your child’s photo for a chance to be cast in the next story. Of course, if you like the clothes in the story you can click on them and buy them on the spot.

For men and women, there is a style page that will keep you current with what is “in”.  And, if you still have fashion questions, you can write a note to the style editors to get a personalized answer.  For those who are athletic and love Lauren’s sporting line, he has developed an iPad application.  The app features world-class athletes showing such things as how the fabric moves by blowing into the tablet’s microphone to simulate the fabric in motion. Or, you can move your finger across the screen to change colors and also move the athlete.

We will be covering many ways in which you can make luxury real estate marketing interactive on your website.  Yes, it is one more thing that you must keep up with to stay competitive.  And, you were thinking it was time for a tech-break!



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