Fluency in the Language of Luxury requires practice.  But, as a luxury real estate marketing professional, you do not need to be among the super rich to appreciate the fine things in life and share them with others. In fact, it is everyday luxuries that most people take for granted regardless of their level of affluence.

It is said that for every one complaint voiced by someone who speaks up, about a product or service, there are ten others who criticize it “under the radar”.  More people go out of their way to complain than recommend wholeheartedly.  Yet, it is truly important to encourage excellence; because, when you experience excellence, it is a luxury. If you are indeed a fan you need to rave. That is one way to practice the Language of Luxury. Keep in mind that those who also value excellence are eager to discover your good news.

We recently purchased a new Cuisinart coffee maker as our old one broke.  We were not really 100% happy with the previous one that we owned for over four years. The carafe did not pour very well (it spilled coffee too easily). It was not easy to clean.  And, it was very difficult to pour water into the container without spilling.

When the carafe broke it was time to shop. Yet, we were reluctant to buy the same brand due to what we considered to be “design flaws”.

What won us over about the new Cuisinart model while in the store was the absence of a carafe; it dispensed one cup at a time by pressing down on a button that is three fingers wide. We cannot bring this to a table to serve, but this suits us just fine.  It keeps the coffee at the perfect temperature for a longer period of time. It is easy to pour water into the container. And, it is extremely easy to clean. 

The best part is that this new model brews our favorite brand of coffee better than any other coffee maker we have ever owned. The difference was remarkable. Now, that is true everyday luxury!  And, we are happy to rave about it. 

What are some of your everyday luxuries? We would love you to share them with us and the LOL community.



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