As a luxury real estate marketing professional or a company do you have a story to tell about your brand?  Can you tell the story clearly? Can you consistently emphasize what makes you different?  Is your story imbued with character? And, above all, will the listener want to repeat the story to their friends?

As children one of the primary ways we start understanding the world is through stories.  Stories are the beginning; they give our lives meaning.  We make sense of who we are by identifying with the stories we are told.   The same goes for brand stories. They tell us if it makes sense to buy the brand or the service, what the difference is, and what the underlying truth (the character) is in the brand.  The brand story is like the moral of a story.  If the moral of the story is compelling it makes us want to buy one brand more so than any other.

As you craft your brand story imagine yourself as the listener.  Ask yourself:

1.  What are you trying to tell me?

2.  Why should I be interested or care?

3.  What are the morals, the truths, and the character of your personal or company brand?

These are the questions your prospective clients and referral sources will ask. Basically, they are asking, “Can you tell me your story so I can believe in you?"  Make your brand story compelling, as a luxury real estate marketing professional, so that people will follow you and refer you.



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