Recently, we received this email from an agent: " What would you say is the secret ingredient to succeeding in the luxury real estate arena?"

Here is our answer:

The secret ingredient is impeccable communication skills, and manners.   Communications and manners are two sides of the same coin.  We all are taught manners and communication skills as a child and learn more as we encounter situations in life and work, so what is the big deal?  The big deal is "impeccable". Webster's defines it as, "(of behavior, performance, or appearance) In accordance with the highest standards of propriety; faultless."

Impeccable communication and manners inspire trust and confidence.  Any newbie with impeccable communication can outsell a seasoned grouchy veteran.  We saw it happen in a luxury car dealership, where a newbie (just hired. first time in car sales) outsold everyone on the floor in her first week on the job, even though she knew just  enough about the cars she was selling. 

We have a friend in Napa who worked for one of the prestigious vineyards as a host and manager of their events.  He is communication virtuoso.  At an event a dignitary from another country noticed his skills and asked him if he would be willing to become the head butler in their embassy in Washington.  He was  delighted and accepted.  He enrolled into butler school. Now he runs the embassy's social events and is the liaison to the other embassies.

You can be a virtuoso.  Webster's definition is: "one who excels in the technique of an art; especially : a highly skilled musical performer (as on the violin)of excellent communication."



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