We are often asked this question: What is most exciting and rewarding about working on personal branding with luxury real estate marketing professionals?  In every single case it is the process of guiding our clients through a journey of self-discovery  and also developing a customized marketing strategy based on these findings that is a perfect fit.

Aesthetic style preferences play a big part in crafting your personal brand. But it requires knowing yourself.  That is why the process of personal branding is one of self-discovery.  At the very least the process reaffirms and validates what you already know about yourself, which is an important clarifying experience as well.

Which would you prefer and enjoy the most: Living in a log cabin in the mountains or an urban chic, minimalist New York City loft in a high rise? Each of these settings would represent a means of self-expression. Providing that you chose one over the other based on your own genuine opinion and were not just trying to please others, the living space itself would reflect your personal values and your personal preferences.  

If your brand identity accurately summarizes and symbolizes your personal values, your personality and your personal preferences and also distinguishes you from your competition, it will attract and resonate with likeminded consumers.  It will also accelerate the speed of trust and referrals because people like to do business with and recommend people like themselves.  The faster they recognize that you are like them the more likely they are to do business with you. That is what a great personal brand does. But, it all begins with the discovery process.



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