Two timeless quotes apply not only in your personal life  but also in your business life as a luxury real estate marketing professional: “Know thy self” and “This above all: to thine own self be true”.  In fact, these wise quotes are at the the core of understanding successful personal and company branding. We say, “Know your authentic brand signal” and “Stay on-signal”.  In this article series we cover the three most common symptoms that indicate you may be having a brand identity crisis and you need to bet back on your brand signal.  

In the context of gaining and sustaining market leadership it is essential to  know and then succinctly communicate your brand identity to your target market so they can instantly grasp how you are distinct from your competition.    How else can you expect others to spread the good word about you if you do not give them a clear and concise message about who you are and how you are different? 

Here is the #1 symptom that lets you know that you are suffering from a brand identity crisis: You are unable to define and instantly articulate your extraordinary promise of value to your ideal clients.  

Saying you are honest, ethical, hard working and that you know your market well are not differentiators. They are the simply price of admission in the realm of market leadership.

If you want to remedy this condition it must become your number one priority to rediscover your authentic brand signal. That is why the first step in the personal and company branding process is one of self discovery. Even if  you think you already know yourself well it is equally important to validate and confirm what you know implicitly but have been ignoring to some extent. 

Only by clarifying your strengths, your values, your priorities, your passions, your distinct personality traits, your aesthetic tastes and your graphic preferences, can you distill all of this and express it explicitly to others through your personal or company brand. 

There are two more symptoms of the brand identity crisis that we cover in the next part of this article series. Symptom #2 is what we call "market leader envy".  Symptom #3 is the "copycat syndrome", where you think the only remedy for your brand identity crisis is imitating the market leader.  All three symptoms are warning signals. They indicate that you are off your authentic brand signal and it is it time to dial back in.


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