Marketing luxury real estate requires creating emotional rapport with your high net worth clients.  The more your clients know that you understand their challenges, their interests and what they do to pursue happiness the quicker you can establish rapport and build trust.  In fact, the speed of referrals is directly proportionate to the speed of trust that can be established through emotional branding.

Speed of referrals is also a factor of achieving top-of-mind status in a given category of business or a niche within your marketplace. When a buyer comes to town who is interested in purchasing a waterfront condo and they ask a stranger in town who is the best agent or company that specializes in handling this market segment, you want that stranger to think of you first.  You want to “own” the term “waterfront condos” in the mind of your target market and also in the mind of anyone in your local marketplace, for that matter.

The process of getting your fans to ravie about you and also owning a market category or niche comes down to emotional branding strategy  It is often easier to understand emotional branding strategy by studying how big companies go about doing it. 

UPS, the 103 year old company that just recently went public, is planning their biggest advertising campaign ever.  The goal:  To own the word “logistics” in the minds of small to mid-size companies.  UPS recognized that 70% of the companies in the US that sell products to foreign countries just ship to Canada because they are intimidated by the logistics of managing shipping , customs, returns and inventory control beyond our northern neighbors.  UPS has been busy acquiring companies that can take the hassle out of logistics as an outsourced solution for a vast potential market.  In the process they have developed a way to funnel more business to their core business, parcel delivery.

Their new marketing campaign, “We Love (with a Heart) Logistics” centers around clever lyrics to the song tune, That’s Amore! It is exciting to think that outsourcing these kinds of services can give small businesses a competitive advantage and also help increase exports from the USA to foreign countries to help our economy.

What emotional branding strategies are you developing and implementing to build rapport and achieve top-of-mind status as a luxury real estate marketing professional?


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